We seek to help our clients as best we can and actively seek opportunities that assure our clients, our environment, our community’s, our collective sustainable growth by demonstrating that we are more than just a service provider, but also being a resource and support network, in our mutual continued future growth.

Community benefits are both tangible & intangible, positive outcomes which improve the lives of local people and enable communities, local services and business to prosper across Tayside & Angus. 

They are vital for boosting employment and skills, securing the long-term sustainability of local facilities and contributing to cleaner and greener spaces for people to live, work and grow within.  As well as promoting Dundee City and showcasing its facilities as a region of opportunity, of growth, expansion and innovation on social media and other platforms when the opportunity arises. 

Primero is an equal opportunity employer and recognise that our team is our strength.  We pride ourselves on the overall health & wellbeing of our employees and the importance of creating a supportive, inclusive and healthy workplace.  Employment opportunities for local people, upskilling & training of staff, developing & training programmes are a benefit to all by developing a workforce and culture which reflects the diversity of our local community. 

Through consideration to community engagement, the environment and workforce wellbeing, Primero Contracts strives to improve the impact of our organisation and leave a positive legacy through the implementation of best practice

Promoting and delivering lasting community benefits forms an integral part of our ethos. 

Socially responsible practices are integrated into our core business operations, and we are also proud to be in partnership with several local community charities and not for profit organisations across Tayside & Angus that create opportunities and support social well-being for our neighbours, our local communities. 

We understand that our company’s ethics and practices are intrinsically linked with our community, providing support where our services are required and making a number of charitable donations throughout the year.  We have partnered with two local football teams, Dundee United FC and Arbroath FC, which further promotes the region and its local businesses and facilities such as the University of Dundee to a wider audience.

We provide support to family charities and others such as Dundee United Community Trust who promote spirit of community, lifelong learning, sport for all and encourage healthy lifestyles.  We sponsor local junior football teams Riverside FC, Letham 2015 Tangies FC and the Dundee United Community Trust Football Club, who both encourage young boys and girls to participate in sport to improve physical and mental health and wellbeing at grassroots levels whilst instilling community spirit and values

Each Christmas our team donates to a charity of choice, having previously donated to Cash for Kids, Tayside Children with Cancer & Leukaemia, Dundee Food Bank and last year in 2022 we donated to Dundee Stroke Exercise Club.

  • Tackling food insecurity and poverty.
  • Tackling loneliness and isolation.
  • Improving physical health
  • Improving mental wellbeing
  • Supporting sustainable weight loss
  • Providing educational support